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We got you to 100, now need you some more!

Well theres a lot going on at TWP lately and we're all very proud.

First things first, we're actually at the huge milestone of 100 members. Our 100th member being Jester! So thanks to you. Of course thanks to every single other member that participates here and keeps us up and running!

Now the part where you all come in. I need footage, cool, homemade captured Portal footage of great stuff to be put into a TWP promo video.

Check more on that here.

Life is like a pipe, it's hard to get through and you're not always guaranteed a happy ending.


Thats kinda funny you should ask this because I pretty much recorded all of my levels for a promo video on youtube...

you can see it here

Its just something I did for the heck of it.. not to boast or anything.

Anyways.. I'll recompile the videos and host them on my offical site and update this thread when they are made available...