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Spam Cleanup and User Registrations

I have just finished cleaning up a significant amount of spam posted by bots to the forum. As a result, new users from the last 6 months or so have been removed. If you are a real person whose account was deleted, I apologize. You will have to re-register.

Account registrations are set to admin activated only. If you need to register, you will need to notify someone so we can activate the account. You can join the discord server here: discord.html

We are looking in to revamping the forum to make things updated and resolve some of these issues. I appreciate everyone who has been apart of our community over the last 12 years!

[Important Threads] Forum Rules | Welcome to the new Thinking With Portals
Please do not Private Message me for assistance. Post a thread if you have questions or concerns.
If you need to contact the staff privately, contact the Global Moderators via Discord.

Glad you're back (and with spam cleaning powers)


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Shh be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting spams.

Level designer, 3D modeler, texture artist ,environment artist.

Thank you soooooooo much. I really appreciate that. This is a very good action of you guys. That spam made it impossible to see the forums!

Wow. When you said "we are going to revamp the forum", I did not expect that. Quick question: how do I upload my maps now?