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[SOLVED] Lighting Glitch: Textures Appear Blackened


Hello everyone!
I have encountered another issue, and this time I am very confused... :/

After texturing my map, and adding props, suddenly, many textures became black/partially black.
Here are some screenshots from in-game:

[Note: Cubemaps have been put in]
Hammer View:
Inner View:
Window 2: (Blackened floor)
Corridor 2: (Normal):
Player Spawn Corridor: (Black)
Player Spawn View: (Black)
Corridor 1: (Blackened)
Corridor 1 Curve: (Blackened)
Corridor 1 End: (Blackened)

Here's the compile log [Full compile]:

Also, the lighting is very temporary (as in colour and brightness) xD I know it looks bad right now :/ And I'm no expert too xD

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You are getting 'too many light styles on face at' errors. This means you are using too many named lights or lights with appearance effects (see ... ppearances).
Brush faces can only support up to 4 different light styles before it will produce this error and ignore any extra lights. So it is likely this is the reason why some parts seem black.

You can easily find named lights by going to Map -> Entity Report and filter 'by Class' to 'light'.

I highly suggest you look at the example maps Valve provides in the Portal 2/sdk_content/maps folder to see how they create their lighting effects. Your map currently seems very dark - and one-coloured. This tutorial by Topphattwaffle is great for beginners.

As an extra note: sometimes textures can seem dark around physics props because it is lacking a full 'final' compile. A final compile specifically has the staticproplighting vrad parameter set. When final compiling: go to the advanced button and choose 'final (slow)' from the dropdown.

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Thanks! I thought that had something to do with it, but I didn't know what that error message really meant.
I always use the full compile (which probably isn't wise xD) to get the best results.
I'll try that later today, and I'll post my answer.

I think what happened is that I have a light sequence action (light_1,light_2 etc) because before I put that effect, there we no lighting glitches.

I just really wanna do something like that where the lights progressively turn on (similar to where GLaDOS turns them off during the escape sequence).

But thanks!! I really hope this works XDD

PS: if you do have any comments on how I could do this light sequence, it's really help! Or maybe it's in one of those example maps you talked about..?

Maybe you could check out my Work-In-Progress mod for Portal 2..?


The part where GLaDOS turns off the light is at the start of sp_a2_bts3. Looks like it's a mix between turning off some beam_spotlight (dynamic lights) and point_spotlight (normal lighting).
I'm not getting any light-style errors when compiling so it's just likely they were smart about their placements so there wasn't any overlap.

Wheatley also turns off the lights at the beginning of sp_a2_bts1 when you first escape. This one is interesting because Valve has two rooms that look exactly the same and just teleport the player to the second room when the lights turn off.

Use a tool like bspsource or VMEX to decompile maps.

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Yeah I have VMEX, just never really used it because I have an old version xD
Thank you for your help though! I'll try putting way less light entities but have them more spread out, so sort sadly removing the more realistic feel (as in light entity per light model)

Also I'll change the lighting and add some lighting effects! I'll post some screenshots if that interests you.
And I'll confirm everything works!

Thank you again so much!!

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Glad I could be of help. And yes, please do send screenshots! You have no idea how helpful that can be to people who have the same problem. :thumbup:

Perhaps you don't have to remove the single light source from each model, just change the light name to be the same as another so they share the same light-style (and turn off at the same time).

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Myeah. So I guess I can't make then light up one at a time then? I tried spacing them out but it looks awful xD

Maybe you could check out my Work-In-Progress mod for Portal 2..?

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Aha! Everything works!

I kept the light sequence, but i made 3 areas;
-The first corridor
-The office
-the second corridor

so they light up consecutively.

Here are some pictures:


[Solution] Lights with different names were in close proximity to each other; this was removed.

Maybe you could check out my Work-In-Progress mod for Portal 2..?


:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Keep at it friend.

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You can tweak a light's 50 an 0 percent fallof distance to make sure that their range is smaller than normally to prevent reaching that 4 named lightsource per face limit, thats what I usually use, even sometimes on non-named lights to finetune the light's distance, for example having bright lights not to go too far. In hammer you can turn on to see the this 2 sphere. Lights can bounce additionally so thats just a guide. Check light viki about Hard falloff property

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