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Releasing a Puzzle Creator map? Read this first!

Hello Test Creator!

If you finished your Puzzle creator map and the octopuses build it and you want to let people test if it works or not you can get some more attention/testers here on

When you want to promote your steam workshop map you can:
Post it in the thread Post your workshop maps here, if you do so it can be included in the big thinkingwithportals playlist found in the workshop.

You can also choose to upload your map through our download database. The download section is an Automated Post Forum ONLY!. A new thread will be automatically created for you when you upload a file through the Download Database. The contents of your upload's post will automatially be made into a thread, so that forum users can comment on your download here on our forums. If you create a separate thread for your map, it will be deleted. Just add it to the database and/or post it in the thread mentioned before.

If you want to upload a puzzle maker map:
Go to the PTI category in the Download section, click upload and use the page for your map as external download link.

If you made the map in the PTI and tweaked it in hammer use your own judgement.
Is your puzzle fundamentally different? -> single player
Did you only remove some signage and fixed some indicator lights? -> PTI

When you post it in the wrong category it will be moved by one of the staff members.

If you have any questions, concerns, bug reports or ideas about our download system, feel free to post them!