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Portal 2 publishing tool problem? [FIXED]

Hi there, I have a question. Since some weeks I can't update published maps by using the portal 2 publishing tool. It seems also to be impossible to upload a new map, too. When I try to update or upload any map, I'm getting this message:

Failed to write file mymaps[FILE_NAME].bsp to Steam Cloud! Please verify the filename and try again.,
where [FILE_NAME] is the name of the map to upload or update.

I tried to update Portal 2, by renaming the map, by removing and reinstalling the game, by using this guide: but nothing worked.

Do you have an idea?

I almost know everything, except everything...

Sorry, for taking a long time to answer, but I think that despite the revival of the website, it's pretty much dead, and I didn't look at anything here for a while. It looks like they finally fixed it in the last update. However, if it still doesn't work, you should try Damagepy's fix. You might have to verify cache each time you use it though, because it really messes up the game sometimes.

Thanks for this reply. The problem does no more exist. The "reason" was that the size for each map must not greater than 100 MB. This is confusing and doesn't really point to this reason. :/

I almost know everything, except everything...