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Portal 2 co-op (custom maps and real game) steam group

I have started a new steam group, that is for people that are looking for people that are trying to play custom maps. When you want to play some portal with someone, just ask him.
To join the group, just follow this link

We have a Steam group of our own as well in case anyone hasn't noticed.

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Oh, well I didn't know that, Ill just get rid of this useless group :)

Nah, our Steam group is focused on the same thing TWP is: a community for making maps. The idea of a community for people to find co-op partners is really cool.

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I am going to work a little more on the group, but right now, My internet has been slowed down A LOT and I have to wait until next month, and then i get my internet back. So I won't be much monotering the group for now. But I will keep it going.

Shouldn't people be able to start their own events like "Seeking partner for Co-op map!" Or something?

I am going to work a little more on the group, but right now, i am in my exams, and my internet is REALLY slow. I will change some things and work more on this, but not right now.