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My massive portal concept art collection (EVERYTHING!) V2

This time its a little bit more organized, and accessible, unlike the old version which i took off of my blog before anyone really had a chance to use it.

For anyone who doesnt know or remember, here's the text from the original thread updated with the new link. Please let me know about any duplicate pieces of art or art that isnt actually official. i've done a good job at making sure there are no duplicates or fan-arts, but some still leak through occasionally:

By everything, i mean everything. From the robotic relaxation vaults to the chicken smashing through the aperture offices, and even the more rare images such as the giant barn and the bioengineering poster. this collection has it all, perfect for anyone interested in making maps based on older, unused concepts. this collection also includes screenshots and portal 1 stuff.

click here!

i would post it here so this post doesnt look so tiny, but the images are often too large to post here- besides, there's over a hundred of them. It'd take all day!

Im blue, a Clean Christian Furry with Autism.

I can't seem to view anything but a single image "portal_2_concept_19.jpg"

SlashSgt wrote:
I can't seem to view anything but a single image "portal_2_concept_19.jpg"

thanks for letting me know! fixed it.

Im blue, a Clean Christian Furry with Autism.


c'mon ;-;

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Woah, neat!

I looked through all the f-stop concept art, and I think I figured out what the mechanic is to some degree. Each test chamber starts out as a basic square room, but it can change shape like the ones in portal 2. There would also be certain projections on everything, making the room appear differently than it actually is. You could use some sort of device to change the exposure of the camera, which would break some illusions and make others more apparent. Note how in the test intro shown during the final hours of Portal 2, sky projections on the walls and a special camera exposure make it seem like you're outside.

Just think about it. You would change the exposure in a seemingly empty room, and find out that there was a cube laying in a corner with a wall projection over it.


The link just goes to a 404 error now.

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Yeah please update it, really wanna check this out.

I have a huge Beta and Concept fetish, too. This is my collection