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Custom Screensaver

I once programed a little screensaver out of fun a long while ago, because i thought the windows's ones were boring
(except the old 3D Labyrinth thing :lol: ).
I think i could share it here, didnt give it to anyone yet.

You can download it Here if you like
(Yes i know, its actually a .exe, you can scan it with any software you want, it wont harm anything :blah: )

Just put it inside the windows folder (Or open it, then a preview will show up)

Its nothing special, just tried something new back then.
Have fun :thumbup:

EDIT: Forgot to say that it probably only works on 1920x1080

Hey, this is pretty cool!
I tried for a while to control the blocks, but it's not actually interactive :P

I also did something similar in the past. In fact, I wrote a whole "Screensaver Loader" of sorts:

It also allows for interactivity and custom content/installing new screensavers, so feel free to give it a shot if you want :wink:

Oh isee, lua! cool :D Didnt know about a interface called L?VE, interesting :) I wrote mine with gml,
so since i never used lua, i dont know how to start yours :lol:

I was also thinking making it interactive (Having a "gravity" on the mouse position where all the objects get pulled to), but theres a little problem sometimes with windows and interactive screensavers, Windows checks if the mouse got moved or a button pressed to reset the screensaver timer, not when the application is closed. Leads to that the screensaver is opened multiple times - in case you interacted with the application and got afk again -. Atleast it was for me in my current windows version

Also made a full working network game from scratch where you can host and connect to play a little game with others hehe

If you're interested in making animated wallpapers, def check out Wallpaper Engine
you can share your creations on the workshop.


Also, I made a map just for you! Sunset
Click Here to view my Workshop and play my puzzlemaker maps

I'll do, looks useful!