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Community Roundup - Steam workshop #1 May 8th-June 16th.

Hello everyone,

It's been over a month since the release of the second Portal 2 DLC: "The Perpetual Testing Initiative". A big part of this update was the easy map making tool (PTI editor) and Steam Workshop integration. This has produced an incredible amount of new maps. In fact there are over 125,000 maps on the Workshop right now! That's quite a few to play through.
Luckily, Community Contributor BEARD! has made a list of 30 maps submitted by people from this community that are totally worth a play. Frankly, these are some of the best puzzles around.

At the moment, the set contains about 20 maps from the PTI and about 10 made in good old Hammer. Some maps have been released on before but it's still well worth a play! If you want to enjoy those awesome 30 maps but just check out the workshop page, subscribe to the collection and enjoy some of our finest puzzles:
The Best of TWP Maps a really good collection of maps!

Even better, BEARD! is planning to keep on adding maps later on. That means even more testing fun in the future! Have fun playing through them!

Bah! Should've released my map on the 7th of May..

To clarify, I'm going through the collection of TWP maps that LP made and I'm putting my favourites in a collection. It's ongoing so I'll probably come across your map at some point :)

Wow, I noticed quite a bit of my maps in there, thanks BEARD!. :D I'm glad you liked them enough to favorite them. :)

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:O 2 of my maps are in there :D. Though I thought that I made better maps than my "Tension" map. Anyway thank you very much!

If u are looking for challenging maps, please visit my workshop! ... ?appid=620