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Aperture: Lab Ratt (amazing short film)


Portal continues to inspire people to make amazing stuff :o


I agree that was great! Go the fans!

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Damn incredible!!!!!! :notworthy:

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Damn that was really well done!

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That... Was... Awesome...

So Cave Johnson were still alive at the time of the nerotoxin incident? He sound pretty I'll at the end of the last underground chapter.

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Very close to the comic, isn't it?
Still very well-made movie adaption.

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Very well-made, although considering how closely they followed the comic I don't know why they left out Chell's tenacity report that made Ratman select her (the never-gives-up part), that was such a crucial reveal.

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That was really great stuff! I especially like the Black Mesa poster near the beginning of the film.

Sorry, only logged-in users can see spoilers.

awesome :thumbup:


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