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40's Aperture + Fallout Mashup Shirt

Newsworthy because I always liked the 40's Aperture stuff the most, daily t-shirt site RIPT Apparel is selling an Aperture + Fallout mashup t-shirt today. I've bought from RIPT before, their quality is great.


40's Aperture + Fallout Mashup Shirt via RIPT Apparel

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Nice, I'm wearing one of their shirts they had a few weeks ago.. Just be quick, you've got less than 8 hours before they stop selling.

"Instead we've got a better test, Surviving the nuclear Wastelands, Grab your pip boy and a pistol. You know when the test begins." I think the Biggest Con game in the Multi-verse skipped this version of the Aperture.

What bugs me about this design is they used 3 different typefaces.

But fallout style FTW

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awesome t-shirt :D


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